Your Questions Answered

QHow do I buy a ticket? 

QWhat does my ticket include and how many people can I bring in my car? 

QWhere is Movie Park? 

QWhat time do I need to arrive? 

QHow do I listen to the movie? 

QCan we park up next to friends? 

QWill I be able to sit or stand outside my car? 

QCan we bring our own food and drink? 

QWhat happens if it’s raining, snowing or a force 10 gale? 

QWhat happens if I’ve bought a ticket and find I can’t make it? 

QWhat if I have a 4 x 4 or large vehicle? 

QWhat time does the movie start? 

QWill there be an interval?

QWhat happens if Movie Park has to cancel prior to the event? 

QIs there a designated smoking area? 

QWhat if I want to leave the venue before the end of the movie? 

QWhat happens when the movie finishes?